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Here's my app for Mirai-Academy sorry it took so long guys ;A;

Edit 1: 2/15/2014
Zeke is now 17 dew to his birthday came yesterday! Please ignore the app, I'll update that as soon as possible.


Name: Zeke Ryder

Gender: Male

Age: 17

D.O.B.: February 14th

Talent: Breaststroke (swimming)

Height: 177.80cm (5`10)

~Student Council

~Physical Education

Year: 2nd

+ Swimming (durr)
+ Mexican Drinks
+ 'Punk' Music
+ World of Warcraft (yes he's a nerd)
+ Stargazing and/or cloud watching
+ Burnt Marshmallows
+ Rain
+ Sleeping in the dark
+ People who speak foreign languages

/public pools he likes and dislikes

- Martin being his fatherly figure
- Bullies
- Pasta
- Dogs
- People he doesn't know trying to touch him.
- People petting his hair
- People who litter

+ Polite
        He definitely knows his manners, and will not purposely be rude to anyone.
+ Tree Hugger
        He may not look the type but he's definitely all about saving the environment.
- Extremely shy
        Zeke is extremely shy and will rarely talk to anyone, he's really an internal person and doesn't mind if nobody even looks at him. 
- Easily Annoyed
        He's very easily annoyed but wont show it, most likely he'll end up just walking away. 


Zeke Ryder was born on February 14th in the town of Bolton, Connecticut with a single mother, and two other brothers, Kyle, and Martin, both of course older, both also swimmers.

Martin being five years older than Zeke himself really tended to both his brothers and became more of a fatherly figure then a brother. He helped Zeke with homework and yelled at him whenever he didn't push himself to be the best.

Kyle on the other hand is only a year separate from the youngest brother, Zeke, and became more of a best friend that helped him with his personal life. Girls would tend to flaunt over Kyle though, he fit and looks the style of the gorgeous jock type. Playing soccer, baseball, and basketball and almost every other sport he could get himself into.

His mother, Belize, was never around much due to working two full time jobs to try and feed three teenage boys as well as going on dates almost every night to try and find someone else. Maybe someone better that would help take care of the boys throughout their life but it seemed during throughout life she never found someone.

During elementary school, Zeke was always the shy kid, so he tended to talk to the teachers more than any of the other students. He stuck to himself and tended to put himself in his own corners. Kyle had signed the boy up for swimming lessons and Zeke picked up on them really quickly, after that they would go to the public pool every weekend, both Saturday, and Sunday.

Middle school was another story, people tended to group toward Zeke which instantly made him nervous, and uncomfortable. He wasn't used to having many friends, he tended not to focus on his studies at this point which made Martin pretty angry and tended to yell at the boy more. He started to dye his hair multiple different colors. After a while he pushed in both swimming and his smarts and it worked out perfectly.
During the summer between switching from Middle school to High school, Martin shipped him off to a co-ed private school to where he could try to focus more on his studies not realizing there was a pool and a swim team here.

Zeke looks forward to his new school, and possibly meeting new kids, when he’s not swimming or in classes he’s probably on his laptop with headphones on.

~Bridge piercing
~Straight A Student
~A lot of people think he's a mute
~When he's nervous he tends to tug at his bangs as if to try and hide himself even more.
~Owns a smart car
~Keeps his swimming locker key around his neck with a pink band.

Student Relationships-
Bullet; RedLove
Bullet; PinkCrush
Bullet; OrangeBest Friends
Bullet; YellowClose Friends
Bullet; GreenFriends
Bullet; BlueAcquaintances
Bullet; PurpleDislike
Bullet; BlackHate

Maybe I'll put a voice in later *shrugs* to early for that at the moment
More will probably be added once he develops
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Zeke had just barely come back from the pool, his hair still dripping slightly as he stepped into the cafeteria for the lunch period. Looking around he didn't seem to find anyone he knew around before he grabbed a ham sandwich and sat down at an empty table before pulling out his notebook and pen to write a few things down and then closing it again to put it back into his notebook before starting to open up his sandwich.
VivaFariy Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2014
Noa entered the cafeteria, to find it completely full. The only place where she saw room was at the back of the room - where only a boy sat. Hopefully he wouldn't mind, so she walked over there. "Hi..." she said as she neared him. "May I sit here?"
kimmie456 Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2014
Zeke hadn't even noticed her for a few minutes before hearing her voice for the second time before turning his head to look at her slightly, his eyes not showing from behind his bangs as he did. "You can sit," he said before looking back down at the empty table in front of him that only had a water bottle to fill up the space. Looking back up toward her, he flicked his hair slightly showing one of his eyes before giving a soft smile, "but if you're going to sit with me then I at least need to know your name." 
VivaFariy Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2014
She smiled, putting her lunch down on the table. "I'm Noa. What's your name?"
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"Zeke," he said with a genuine smile, "it's a pleasure to meet you.."
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